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  • Your Home Energy Efficiency Score As Compared To Similar.
  • Insights Into How Much Of Your Home's Energy Use Is Related To Heating And Cooling Versus Other Everyday Use Like Appliances, Lighting, And Hot Water;
  • Links To Guidance From EnergyStar On:
  •  How To Increase Your Home's Score, 
  • Improve Comfort, 
  • Lower Utility Bills;
  • An Estimate Of Your Home's Annual Carbon Emissions
  • The Top Ten 2020 EnergyStar Appliances (That Are Most Used)
  • The Top 2020 WaterSense Brands (That Are Most Used)
  • Measure Your Water Footprint​
  • What Are Low Impact Developments (LIDS) And How You Can Use Them At Home​
  • ​How To Save On: 
  • Temperature Level Control
  • Hot Water
  • Water
  • ​Power & Lighting
  • More than 50 Easy to Follow Tips proven to SAVE at least 48%  on your total Utilities Bill

How do I know all these?

Because in 2014, I decided to visit my family in Italy. I had no money to cover for a whole month trip, stay there, and not be a burden to them. I knew that I paid $750 a month between Electricity, Natural Gas, Cable TV, and Water. I saved $8,640 in two years that I used in August 2016 to see my family and most Western Europe. I repeated the process in 2017 & 2018 and saved virtually the same. I took the same trip, and I plan to continue doing it.

I did not apply some of the tips shared here because just a few of them required investment, and I did not have the resources at the time. Now I do, and I have prepared to save a little bit more.

When you SIGNUP, you will get access to all updates and my new COMING SOON GUIDE: How to Save on the Road.

I do not claim that I have discovered, invented, or engineered anything here. These are just a collection of tools publicly available. I have only collected an immense amount of information online. The truth is that most do not work. I am sharing with you a 20-page GUIDE that does.

Why am I sharing all these?

  • Because I am an environmental engineer, I do have a significant concern for young and future generations' wellbeing. This is how I help...
  • Because there is much misinformation out there, and I believe that you do not have to go through tiring trial and error to achieve something so simple.


"I've known Engineer David Vagnetti for eighteen years, since that time he has proven to be a dynamic, proactive, multitasker, loyal and intuitive professional, who will achive all the goals and objective with great dexterity."
Carlos Cruz CPA, Controller
"David is an expert, trustworthy and know the business as no-one else. I always receive results higher than expectations. Will hire him again for any project in the future."
Santos E. Santiago
Outside Sales Representative
"I have worked with David in the past. He is a top notch talented engineer. I would highly recommend him!"

Michael Sobel
Founder - MSOFT Solutions 
"David is a leader in the engineering field in Puerto Rico. His work in water resources has made him the GoTo guy on the island. His firm Engineered Advantage, has had many civil/site and hydrologic projects awarded to them and he has completed them successfully. Keep up the good work David!"
Harry O Ward, PE

"David and his partner at Engineered Advantage, Paul, are both exceptional engineers and provide a highly professional consulting service in the civil and structural engineering fields. David's assessment, planning and design for an embankment stabilization system were on point! He made us gain approximately 20% more parking space and an overall 30% more usable lot surface area for future expansions of our clients property. It was a challenge, but David and hes partners at Engineered Advantage tackled it and demonstrated the expertise they have in there professional field, always taking in consideration every aspect and detail we might have asked for. If you ask me, I would "closed eyes" recommend David and hes team for any project you may have in hand, from the simplest to the more challenging ones!"
Doel F. Muñiz Rivera, PE
Program Management Director, CDBG-DR Program
Puerto Rico area 
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